Why Platinum for Wedding Bands

There’s little question that platinum is stunning, and remains a popular choice for engagement and wedding rings sets. Not only it is one of the more beautiful and long-lasting metals, it is a symbol of prestige.  And like true love, it is one of the rarest elements in the Earth’s crust. It has been used by royalty and celebrities for years, as it is often referred to as a noble metal.

The Difference Between White Gold and Platinum

While white gold and platinum may look the same when you’re in the jewelry store, they’re actually quite different. The first thing that sets platinum apart from white gold is the fact that it is naturally a white metal, whereas white gold must be mixed with other alloys like nickel in order to become white. With time, platinum will maintain its natural white color, while white gold will yellow if not cared for properly. Platinum requires almost no maintenance and rarely tarnishes. Of course, it is a more expensive choice than white gold, but when all the benefits are weighed, it is well worth the investment.

Platinum is Hypoallergenic

Many metals, including all sorts of gold, can irritate sensitive skin. Platinum is one of the only fine metals known for its hypoallergenic properties. No one wearing a real platinum ring is going to have a rash or become irritated by it, making it a very nice choice for people who have experienced problems with other types of metals used for jewelry. In addition, platinum will not wear as easily as other metals, so there is less chance of it becoming scratched and aggravating the skin.

A true wedding ring connoisseur knows that being a platinum buyer is the best option in creating nice wedding sets. When you set out on your quest to find the best platinum wedding set, always be sure you know from whom you are buying your jewelry. This will help ensure the quality of the platinum you are receiving, and that you are getting 100% pure platinum and not some variation.

What to Know

As with all precious metals, platinum must be alloyed with other metals in order to achieve the hardness required for jewelry. A ring that is alloyed with 80% Platinum and 20% other metals is worth a lot less the a ring this is 95% platinum.

Federal regulations require all platinum bans to bear a stamp or “hallmark” on the inside of the band. If it says “IridPlat”, or “.90Plat/Ir” than the ring is only 90% pure platinum, and you should pay less for it than a ring that is 95% pure platinum. If the hallmark says “Plat” of “.95Plat”, then the ring is considered pure platinum and commands a premium price.

Ask your jeweler about the alloy used in your platinum ring. A pure platinum ring (95% platinum) should be alloyed with either Cobalt or Ruthenium.

If you’ve chosen a custom ring, ask your jeweler for a wax mold of the ring to ensure that the design meets your expectations before it is cast into platinum.

And always shop at a reputable jeweler. This could be a world-famous name like Black Starr Frost or Tiffany  & Co. or your town’s oldest jeweler. But know who you are buying from and what you are getting.

The wedding band or ring you exchange with your loved one is a token of commitment and love, and a symbol you will share for the rest of your lives together.

(Segments of this post first appeared as a sponsored post on The Plunge Project blog with additional info from wikihow).

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