Ask A Man Too is my way to impart bits and pieces of knowledge I’ve picked up as a collector of careers. To be more precise, I’ve had great careers in American Fashion (Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis, Jhane Barnes, Ellen Tracy and Mary McFadden); I’ve run an art gallery on West Broadway when that was still the heart of the NY art world and Warhol, Basquiat, Keith Haring, and Roy Lichtenstein roamed the streets and late night art world haunts); I’ve been unemployed in Manhattan, Atlanta, and Los Angeles – LA is the better choice weather wise; I’ve worked as a Location Manager on feature films; I’ve helped create posters and trailers for more than 50 films working for a handful of Advertising Agencies and remain a consultant to some filmmakers and Advertising shops; I’m a graduate of UCLA with a Certificate in Fundraising With a Concentration in the Institutional Development Process; I am passionate about philanthropy and I’m a published (Martha Stewart Weddings to name one) Wedding designer/planner who prefers single malt scotch to white wine, caviar to pâte, and knows a thing or two about ordering food for 2 or 2000.

So the point of this blog is to spread the wealth, so to speak, and help woman figure out men and men figure out women. Although I love women and am a firm believer that they are indeed the smarter sex, I will answer questions and post information that will be helpful with no hidden agenda. My posts will range over a wide variety of topics and I invite interaction and questions. I am in no way the final answer to any argument, but I certainly can help set things straight for a few people out there – be it how to handle divorced families at a wedding to who should pick up the check in a given situation. I hope you will enjoy my point of view…

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