The Pettiest and Least Green Rock Band in the World

Rap beefs are small fry. If you want to see some proper grudge-holding, no-one does it quite like old, white rockers.

The Eagles have been famously grouchy with one another for decades now and age has done nothing to mellow them. They’ve long refused to travel together and take separate private jets when on tour.

The Eagles, Mean and not Green. photo credit unknown

The Eagles, Mean and not Green.
photo credit unknown

But that’s not enough for them. A summit was held to decide whether their guitars could travel in a plane together, or whether each guitar would need its own plane too.*

Thank God we stopped buying their music ages ago; now a perfectly reasonable reason to actually get up and turn them off anytime they show up on the old iPod, etc.,

And just who the &^%$ do these grown men think they are and what world do they think they live in? Certainly not a world where they can even pretend to give a shit about our environment, fossil fuel, carbon footprints, etc.,

Screw them.

* Courtesy of popbitch. The opinions below the asterisk are strictly those of AskAManToo.

Civility, Part 2


Too often today people tend to think they are all that and then some, i.e., entitled, better than others, smarter than others, not responsible for their own actions and worst of all, that they are — and I say this with absolutely no religious disrespect —  the God-given messenger of all that is true and right. And they will fight anyone who disagrees with their position.

I call bullshit on living like this.

And if it’s possible to call double-bullshit, then I call if for letting people get away with it. The world we live in is constantly on the brink of war, recovering from one catastrophe while another one brews somewhere offshore, and generally falling victim to extremists who believe it’s their way or the highway. Be it in Darfur, Kabul or Arizona. Where are the voices of common sense? Where are the people who look for reconciliation rather than conflict? Where have they gone?

They can’t all be hiding, retiring from public life or just fading into the background. And if they are, then they must be replaced by new voices of sanity. And the sooner the better.

Or this is our collective future…

the future

What we have to look forward to if people abandon humanity.